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Profibus Installation Guideline, This chapter describes some simple diagnostic tools with which you can test the PROFIBUS cable installation

1.1 Introduction
This chapter describes some simple diagnostic tools with which you can test the PROFIBUS cable installation. These tests are particularly important for cabling acceptance. The tools also help you locate errors that occur during installation. The following tools are introduced here.
Handheld devices
Handheld devices are devices that have been especially developed for testing PROFIBUS cabling with RS-485 interfaces. In addition to testing the installation, they offer additional functions, e. g. determining the reachable PROFIBUS stations. In order to use a handheld device it must be possible to connect the device to the PROFIBUS cable via a 9-pin Sub-D plug connector.
Attenuation measurement
Measuring attenuation is the most simple test process for optical fibers. You can use it to determine the magnitude of brightness losses from one end of the optical fiber to the other.
Diagnostics buffer/Master statistics
The diagnostic buffer and the master statistics provide the first clues for troubleshooting. They are integrated in the PROFIBUS stations and do not require any additional devices, except the programming device and corresponding software.
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