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The purpose of this document is not to define the RS-232/422/485 standards. It is intended to provide an overview of these systems that is specific enough to aid in general troubleshooting. Information provided here is subject to change, as the various standards are revised.

There are three electrical standards commonly used for serial data transfer by industrial equipment. Commonly referred to as RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485, they may also be known as TIA/EIA-232/422/485 or any of a number of other designations. RS-232 is an electrical standard that is used in many commercial applications, as well as industrial. It is the standard used for data transfer from a personal computerís 9 pin serial and 25 pin parallel ports. The RS-422 and RS-485 standards are used in industrial applications because they are more noise immune and can be carried across longer distances. RS-422 and RS-485 are similar standards, electrically. The major difference between the two is that RS-422 is full-duplex and requires more conductors per circuit than RS-485. Also, RS-422 is typically used for pointto- point communications.
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