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Serial Data Communications - Software Application ,Development of software for serial communications. The XON/XOFF protocol. Implementation of simple ACK/NAK protocols. Terminal Emulation and the Kermit protocol.

6.1 Developing Software for Serial Communications The construction of a physical link between two devices is only one part of the data communications process. In relative terms, the physical hardware link is normally easier to implement than the software that is needed for reliable communications. When selecting the physical hardware, we choose media and interfacing circuits such that the number of errors on the line is reduced to an absolute minimum. We never assume that a communication link is 100% error free. We do however need to perform a qualitative analysis of the consequences of a data error occurring. If these consequences are minimal (such as in a link between a Personal Computer and printer) then we consciously choose to accept a link that cannot be guaranteed as error-free. In some situations, we have no choice but to accept an unreliable data link and we then need to revert to manual error detection and correction techniques.
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