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Robert G. Gallager January 5, 2008, The digital communication industry is an enormous and rapidly growing industry, roughly comparable in size to the computer industry. The objective of this text is to study those aspects of digital communication systems that are unique to those systems. That is, rather than focusing on hardware and software for these systems, which is much like hardware and software for many other kinds of systems, we focus on the fundamental system aspects of modern digital communication.

9.10 Summary of Wireless Communication Wireless communication differs from wired communication primarily in the time-varying nature of the channel and the interference from other wireless users. The time-varying nature of the channel is the more technologically challenging of the two, and has been the primary focus of this chapter. Wireless channels frequently have multiple electromagnetic paths of different lengths from transmitter to receiver and thus the receiver gets multiple copies of the transmitted waveform at slightly different delays. If this were the only problem, then the channel could be represented as a linear time-invariant (LTI) filter with the addition of noise, and this could be treated as a relatively minor extension to the non-filtered channels with noise studied in earlier chapters. The problem that makes wireless communication truly different is the fact that the different electromagnetic paths are also sometimes moving with respect to each other, thus giving rise to different Doppler shifts on different paths.
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