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LabVIEW  VXI VI Reference Manual Download
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This manual supplements your LabVIEW user manual and assumes that you are familiar with that material. You should also be familiar with the operation of LabVIEW, your computer, and your computer’s operating system.

The LabVIEW VXI VI Reference Manual is organized as follows: • Chapter 1, Introduction , presents an overview of VXI concepts and the VXI virtual instrument (VI) library. • Chapter 2, System Configuration VIs, describes the System Configuration VIs. • Chapter 3, Word Serial Commander Protocol VIs , describes the VXI Word Serial Commander Protocol VIs. • Chapter 4, Word Serial Servant Protocol VIs, describes the VXI Word Serial Servant Protocol VIs. • Chapter 5, Low-Level VXIbus Access VIs, describes the use of the VIs that give you the fastest access method for directly reading from or writing to any of the VXIbus address spaces. • Chapter 6, High-Level VXIbus Access VIs, describes the VIs with which you have direct access to the VXIbus address spaces. • Chapter 7, Local Resource Access VIs, describes VIs you use to access miscellaneous local resources such as the local CPU VXI register set, Slot 0 MODID operations, and the local CPU VXI Shared RAM. • Chapter 8, VXI Signal VIs, describes the VIs you use to specify signal routing, manipulate the global signal queue, and wait for a particular VXI signal to be received. About This Manual LabVIEW VXI VI Reference Manual xvi © National Instruments Corporation • Chapter 9, VXI Interrupt VIs, describes the VIs that control VXI interrupts. VXI interrupts are a basic form of asynchronous communication used by VXI devices with VXI interrupter support. • Chapter 10, VXI Trigger VIs, describes the VIs that control triggers, a backplane feature that VXI added to the VME standard. • Chapter 11, System Interrupt Handler VIs, describes the System Interrupt Handler VIs. • Chapter 12, VXIbus Extender VIs, describes the VXIbus Extender VIs. • Chapter 13, VXIbus Supplemental VIs , describes the VXIbus Supplemental VIs, which have a timeout input that allows you to stop waiting if the interrupt condition for which you are waiting does not occur. • The appendix , Customer Communication, contains forms you can use to request help from National Instruments or to comment on our products and manuals. • The Glossary contains an alphabetical list of terms used in this manual and a description of each. • The Index contains an alphabetical list of key terms and topics used in this manual, including the page where each one can be found.
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