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LabVIEW Graphical Programming Language Graphical programming is a natural extension of the way scientists and engineers design equipment, experiments, and also communicate each other. Most of the time when an idea is developed, a general diagram is drawn or sketched and discussed. With this in mind, LabVIEW (an acronym for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench) was developed in late 1980’s by National Instruments, Inc for use in the desktop/workstation computer environment. LabVIEW soon became very popular and widely accepted in scientific and engineering circles. In LabVIEW one creates a “virtual instrument” (VI) by selecting various icons from libraries and connecting them together on the computer screen. The icons, along with their interconnections, are translated into code by an internal code generator. LabVIEW uses a graphical programming language called G. However you do not need to know G to use LabVIEW.

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