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The LabVIEW Data Acquisition Basics Manual includes the information you need to get started with data acquisition and LabVIEW. You should have a basic knowledge of LabVIEW before you try to read this manual. If you have never worked with LabVIEW, please read through the LabVIEW QuickStart Guide or the LabVIEW Online Tutorial before you begin. This manual shows you how to configure your software, teaches you basic concepts needed to accomplish your task, and refers you to common example VIs in LabVIEW. If you have used LabVIEW for data acquisition before, you can use this book as a troubleshooting guide.

The LabVIEW Data Acquisition Basics Manual is organized by sections, which in turn are made up of chapters. The sections in this manual are as follows: • Part I, Before You Get Started, contains all the information you should know before you start learning about data acquisition with LabVIEW. • Part II, Catching the Wave with Analog Input, contains basic information about acquiring data with LabVIEW, including acquiring a single point or multiple points, triggering your acquisition, and using outside sources to control acquisition rates. • Part III, Making Waves with Analog Output, contains basic information about generating data with LabVIEW, including generating a single point or multiple points. • Part IV, Getting Square with Digital I/O, describes basic concepts about how to use digital signals with data acquisition in LabVIEW, including immediate and handshaked digital I/O. • Part V, SCXI—Getting Your Signals in Great Condition, contains basic information about setting up and using SCXI modules with your data acquisition application, special programming considerations, common SCXI applications, and calibration information. • Part VI, Counting Your Way to High-Precision Timing, describes the different ways you can use counters with your data acquisition application, including generating a pulse or pulses; measuring pulse width, frequency, and period; counting events and time; and dividing frequencies for precision timing. • Part VII, Debugging Your Data Acquisition Application, contains an explanation of ways you can debug your data acquisition application to make sure your application is accurate and runs smoothly. • AppendixA, LabVIEW Data Acquisition Common Questions, lists answers to questions frequently asked by LabVIEW users. • AppendixB, Customer Communication, contains forms you can use to request help from National Instruments or to comment on our products and manuals. • The Glossary contains an alphabetical list and description of terms used in this manual, including abbreviations, acronyms, metric prefixes, mnemonics, and symbols. • The Index contains an alphabetical list of key terms and topics in this manual, including the page where you can find each one.
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