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[ pdf ] Introduction to Computers and Programming using C++ and MATLAB

Introduction to Computers and Programming using C++ and MATLAB Download
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Introduction to Computers and Programming, is intended to give you an exposure to, and a chance to practice, algorithmic thinking. It does so by asking you to actually solve problems using algorithms. This may be di erent from other courses that you have taken, because we do not tell you exactly how to solve the assigned problems. Rather, we provide you with tools that will allow you to solve them and some examples of how problems are solved. But you must creatively assemble the solution yourself.

Note that neither C++ nor MATLAB languages per se are the keys to the course. We teach you these languages so that you will have a means to express algorithms for execution on a computer, but a great many other computer languages could have been selected to support our central purpose of getting you to think about solving problems through a set of procedural steps. Because programming languages such as C++ and MATLAB contain many constructs and demand great attention to detail, it is easy to lose sight of the true intellectual center of the course. But keeping a focus on algorithmic thinking will make writing programs less dicult and less time consuming. The educational objectives of Engineering 101 include:  To introduce students to algorithmic thinking in their approach to problem solving. To teach students to implement algorithms in ANSI C++. To teach students to implement algorithms in MATLAB. To have students apply their knowledge of elementary physics and calculus. To provide students with a foundation on which to base their later applications of computers in engineering.
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