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Overview: This simple tutorial is designed to walk the user through a very basic PCB board design layout providing some hints along the way. It does NOT cover all of the features of Layout, so become familiar with the online manuals that come with the package.

Mechanical Design: Designing a PCB is as much a mechanical engineering problem as it is an electrical one. Important issues to consider BEFORE designing the PCB are: Packaging- Is the PCB going into an enclosure? If so, you should have a sample of the enclosure to test fit the design. How will I mount the PCB to the enclosure? Think about mounting holes and standoffs. At least 3 fasteners are required for PCB stability. Make sure you design in enough clearances so the PCB and components don’t hit. Is the design serviceable? On a prototype, plan on disassembling and reassembling it often during the development process. Having to unsolder wires or remove connectors would have a major impact on the development time. What about board height? Because the Layout CAD packages are all 2D this is one area where many mistakes are made. Be sure to design the package so the tallest components clear. Be sure the components that generate heat have adequate ventilation. If a component needs a heatsink be sure to check for clearance with adjacent components. Connectors: Connectors are another major source of problems. Check to be sure there is enough clearance, not only for the connector on the PCB, but also the mating connector. Using a wire harness for off board components like potentiometers, connectors, and displays can be time consuming and cause reliability issues. Think about mounting as many system components as possible directly to the PCB.
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