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OrCAD Capture is a schematic design tool set for the Windows environment. With Capture, you can draft schematics and produce connectivity and simulation information for printed circuit boards and programmable logic designs.

Provides comprehensive information for understanding the features in Capture and using them to perform schematic capture. Capture provides help in two ways: context-sensitive help and manual help. Context-sensitive help displays help topics that are associated with your current activity when you press the F1 key or click the Help button on the active dialog box or window within the Capture workspace and interface. It provides immediate access to information that is relative to your current task. The manual method gives you full navigational access to all topics and resources outside of the help system. Using either method, help topics include: Explanations and instructions for common tasks Descriptions of menu commands, dialog boxes, tools on the toolbar and tool palettes, and the status bar Glossary terms Reference information
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    Posted by arun
    Thu Mar 03, 2011 08:49:51 PM

    plz inform me how to install cadence full version in PC send to arunmose@rediffmail.com

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