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OrCad Layout Plus PCB Tutorial Download
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This is a simple tutorial of OrCAD PCB using a two- layer PCB with through-hole components.

• This is a simple tutorial of OrCAD PCB using a two- layer PCB with through- hole components.
• The design is a RS232 interface board that contains a DSUB- 9 pin connector, 7805 regulator, and a MAX- 232 interface chip (16- pin dual- in- line package).
• The zip archive contains both Capture and Layout Plus files – RS232. DSN is the Capture (schematic file) – RS232. MNL is the netlist file for input to OrCAD Layout Plus – RS232. MAX is the board layout. To create your own version of the board, just copy the RS232. MNL to a new directory, and then import it into Layout Plus
• This tutorial does not cover schematic capture, and assumes that you will also access the online help in Layout Plus to fill in some of the details that are glossed over in this tutorial.
• Read through the entire tutorial first before starting so that you get a feel for the overall steps required to produce a PCB.

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