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[ pdf ] Steps to PCB design using Orcad

Steps to PCB design using Orcad Download
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Steps to PCB design using Orcad. 1. Design circuit using schematic entry package (Capture). 2. Generate netlist for PCB package. 3. Import netlist into PCB package (LayoutPlus). 4. Place components, route signals. 5. Generate machining (Gerber) files for PCB plant. This document is a 'quick start', describing some of the most commonly used operations for PCB design using Orcad. For more details see on-line help and also the pdf manuals which are usually in Program Files\Orcad\Document. These pdf files seem generally much more comprehensive than the on-line help.

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    "Steps to PCB design using Orcad"



    Posted by RAJA R
    Wed Mar 21, 2012 03:40:33 PM

    i need to learn PCB Design using Cadence orCAD TOOL

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