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A Comparison of Force Sensors Richard M. Voyles, Jr. J. Dan Morrow Pradeep K. Khosla Carnegie Mellon University Advanced Manipulators Laboratory, The Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon ...

This report presents data gathered for evaluating 6-degree-of-freedom force/torque sensors from various manufacturers. We set out to investigate silicon strain gage-based force sensors from Assurance Technologies, Inc. and California Cybernetics Corporation, using the old foil strain gage-based Lord Corporation sensor as a basis for comparison. We also performed a reduced set of tests on a JR3 sensor which is foil-based. The Belgian Academy of Sciences also produces 6-axis force/torque sensors but their high-speed product was not available at the time of our investigation. "ATI" refers to Assurance Technologies, Inc., which took over the force sensor business of the Lord Corporation. ATI redesigned both the electronics and the mechanicals of the sensor to produce a radically different product. "Lord" refers to the product distributed by the Lord Corporation before the business was sold to ATI. "CCC" refers to California Cybernetics Corporation, which is a young company producing a new force sensor of its own design. "JR3" refers to JR3, Inc., which is an established company in the force sensor/ load cell market.
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