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[ pdf ] Combustible Infra Red VS CATALYTIC

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Combustible Infra Red VS CATALYTIC, INTRODUCTION When designing a combustible gas safety monitoring system for oil/gas, petrochemical or other applications, how do you decide whether to use infrared or catalytic gas detector technology? Both sensing technologies have their advantages dependent upon your application’s specific requirements. A thorough analysis of your application’s unique field environment is needed to ensure optimal performance, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. A quick decision, of course, can lead to poor detector choices as well as safety, performance, maintenance, and life-cycle cost consequences.

There is clearly a requirement for both IR and catalytic detectors. When making a choice, be sure to strongly consider the field environment and variables in detector design from manufacturer to manufacturer. Life-cycle cost assumptions will not hold true in all environments. The same can be said for detector mean-time-to-repair or failure data among various manufacturers. Careful analysis of detectors, suppliers and field experience will help you select the best catalytic or IR detectors for your application. Let your General Monitors field applications engineers share their expertise to help you make the best sensing technology choice.
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    "Combustible Infra Red VS CATALYTIC"



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