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Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook Download
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DOE/CE - 0384. Energy-Efficient. Electric Motor. Selection. Handbook. Prepared by. Gilbert A. McCoy. Todd Litman. John G. Douglass

SUMMARY Substantial reductions in energy and operational costs can be achieved through the use of energy-efficient electric motors. A handbook was compiled to help industry identify opportunities for cost-effective application of these motors. It covers the economic and operational factors to be considered when motor purchase decisions are being made. Its audience includes plant managers, plant engineers, and others interested in energy management or preventative maintenance programs. BPA PERSPECTIVE Conservation is a cornerstone of the Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) resource program. A major concern of the BPA is to promote the use of cost-effective electric conservation technologies. The industrial sector is the largest of the four electric energy consuming sectors. Within the sector electric motors are the largest users of that energy. One study estimated recently that 52.7 average megawatts of electric power, valued at $13.8 million, could be saved in the Northwest through the replacement of standard motors with high efficiency models. Of the 2 million industrial motors sold nationwide each year, energy efficient motors represent only 15 percent of the sales. That figure is probably even lower in the Northwest where electricity is cheap. Assisting industry in considering the high-efficiency motor option was the goal of this project. BACKGROUND The efficiency of an electric motor can only be improved through a reduction in motor losses. Improvement in the design, materials, and construction have resulted in efficiency gains of 2 to 6 percent which translates into a 25 percent reduction in losses. A small gain in efficiency can produce significant energy savings and lower operating costs over the life of the motor. Consequently, the higher purchase price of high-efficiency motors (15 to 30 percent) can, in most cases, be recovered in 2 years through cost savings in energy and operation. Bonneville POWER ADMINISTRATION i i i Industrial Technology Because energy-efficient motors are a proven technology in terms of durability and reliability, their use should be considered for new installations, major modifications, replacement of failed motors or those that require rewinding, or extreme cases of oversized or underloaded motors. OBJECTIVE To assist the industrial sector in identifying cost-effective opportunities for application of energy-efficient motors. APPROACH The Handbook contains a discussion on the characteristics, economics, and benefits of standard versus high-efficiency motors in the 1 to 200 horsepower range. A motor performance database is supplied for use in identifying, evaluating, and purchasing energy-efficient motors and includes information on full and part load nominal efficiency and power factor as well as material on specific models and costs. Descriptions of how operating factors such as speed and design voltage effect performance are included. Typical operating conditions are also covered. Steps are outlined for launching a motor improvement program, which includes a worksheet to determine potential energy savings and the economic feasibility of an energy-efficient motor project.
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    "Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook"



    Posted by industrial electrician norwest
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    Indeed a nice post! I have been working in the electrical equipments since long and enjoy the posts on electrician, test tag, data cabling, thermal imaging etc. I have subscribed to your blog and do hope you will be posting informative posts like this over the coming days. Thanks You

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    Indeed a nice post! I have been working in the electrical equipments since long and enjoy the posts on electrician, test tag, data cabling, thermal imaging etc. I have subscribed to your blog and do hope you will be posting informative posts like this over the coming days. Thanks You

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    Good site good article, tx

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