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Experiment and laboratory manual. • Laboratory Procedures and Reports • Lab #1: Introduction I: Basic Lab Equipment and Measurements • Lab #2: Introduction II: Simple Circuit Measurements and Ohm's Law • Lab #3: Introduction to Digital Circuits Using TTL • Lab #4: Introduction to Sequential Digital Circuits Using TTL • Lab #5: Resistors: Simplification of Series and Parallel Networks • Lab #6: Nodal Analysis of Simple Networks • Lab #7: Loop Analysis of Simple Networks • Lab #8: Operational Amplifiers • Lab #9: Design and Circuit Simulation using SPICE • Lab #10: Thιvenin and Norton Equivalent Circuits • Lab #11: Superposition • Lab #12: Power Relationships in Simple Circuits • Lab #13: RL and RC Circuits

The purposes of this laboratory course are to learn the basic techniques of electrical measurements, to practice essential laboratory notebook and report preparation skills, and to reinforce the concepts and circuit analysis techniques
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