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INTRODUCTION. We are living in an age of Information Technology. Electronics is at the very foundation of the. Information and Computer Age. ...

Electronics has made deep impact in several vital areas such as health care, medical diagnosis and treatment, Air and space travels, Automobiles, etc. In short, the technological developments of several countries of the globe are directly related to their strengths in electronics design, manufacture, products and services. It appears as though we have to add inevitably an “E” to the three “R”s, namely, Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic, to declare a Man or Woman to be “literate”! Needless to add that the “E” here means “Electronics”! Thus Electronics has become surely a “Basic Science”. It is no more an “applied science”. Just as we teach physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics in our schools, it is high time we start teaching our children at school, Electronics as a separate subject by itself.
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    Posted by Maria
    Thu Jun 07, 2012 04:59:48 PM

    Q-Tec Solutions, a South East based company providing design installation and maintenance solutions for mains electrical systems and electronic security systems across the United Kingdom. Including CCTV solutions, Alarms, and access control systems.

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