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The Power Electronics Handbook is designed to provide both the young engineer and the experienced professional with answers to questions involving the wide spectrum of power electronics technology covered in this book. The hope is that the topical coverage, as well as the numerous avenues to its access, will effectively satisfy the reader’s needs.

The control of electric power with power electronic devices has become increasingly important overthe last 20 years. Whole new classes of motors have been enabled by power electronics, and thefuture offers the possibility of more effective control of the electric power grid using power elec-tronics. The Power Electronics Handbook is intended to provide a reference that is both concise anduseful for individuals, ranging from students in engineering to experienced, practicing professionals.The Handbook covers the very wide range of topics that comprise the subject of power electronicsblending many of the traditional topics with the new and innovative technologies that are at theleading edge of advances being made in this subject. Emphasis has been placed on the practicalapplication of the technologies discussed to enhance the value of the book to the reader and toenable a clearer understanding of the material. The presentations are deliberately tutorial in nature,and examples of the practical use of the technology described have been included.The contributors to this Handbook span the globe and include some of the leading authoritiesin their areas of expertise. They are from industry, government, and academia. All of them have beenchosen because of their intimate knowledge of their subjects as well as their ability to present themin an easily understandable manner.
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