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Navigation Dams - Hydraulic Design Guide Download
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This manual provides current guidance and engineering procedures for the hydraulic design of navigation dams. This manual could be applied

This manual provides current guidance and engineering procedures for the hydraulic design of navigation dams. This manual could be applied to all HQUSACE/OCE elements and field operating activities (FOA) having responsibility for the design of civil works projects. This manual book divided into several chapters as follow: Introduction, General, Purpose, Typical Navigation projects, navigation dams. basic project components, supplement project components, special consideration, safety, environmental, aesthetics, Hydrology, Hydro-logic Data, Hydro-logic data source, hydro-logic model, flow computations, hydraulic, general channel discharge rating curve, water surface profiles, specific profile uses, navigation pool level stability, sedimentation, project layout, foundation, spillway design, pool elevations, overflow embankments, stilling basin design design of other appurtenances, navigable passes, low-flow and water quality releases, ice control methods, project construction, project operation, repair and rehabilitation, modernization features, typical repair and rehabilitation items, sour protection.
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