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Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. Part-9. CNC Fundamentals. Industrial ... On a CNC punch press the part is moved in the X and Y directions while the punch ...


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    Posted by Cad Cam Services
    Thu Dec 20, 2012 01:54:56 PM

    The most basic role of CAD is to define the geometry of design – a mechanical part, a product assembly, an architectural structure, an electronic circuit, a building layout, etc. The greatest benefits of CAD systems are that they can save considerable time and reduce errors caused by otherwise having to redefine the geometry of the design from scratch every time it is needed. CAD systems use a computer with terminals featuring video monitors and interactive graphics-input devices to design such things as machine parts, patterns for clothing, or integrated circuits. CAM systems use numerically controlled (see numerical control) machine tools and high-performance programmable industrial robots.

    Posted by sanjay
    Sat Jul 16, 2011 03:42:29 PM

    nice site ..................................

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