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Publisher: Springer | Pages: 455 | 2008-09-17 | ISBN 1848003358 | PDF | 10 MB Computer Numerical Control (CNC) controllers are high value-added products counting for over 30% of the price of machine tools.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) controllers are high value-added products counting for over 30% of the price of machine tools. The development of CNC technology depends on the integration of technologies from many different industries, and requires strategic long-term support. “Theory and Design of CNC Systems” covers the elements of control, the design of control systems, and modern open-architecture control systems. Topics covered include Numerical Control Kernel (NCK) design of CNC, Programmable Logic Control (PLC), and the Man-Machine Interface (MMI), as well as the major modules for the development of conversational programming methods. The concepts and primary elements of STEP-NC are also introduced. A collaboration of several authors with considerable experience in CNC development, education, and research, this highly focused textbook on the principles and development technologies of CNC controllers can also be used as a guide for those working on CNC development in industry.
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    Theory and Design of CNC Systems

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    Theory and Design of CNC Systems

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    Theory and Design of CNC Systems

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    Theory and Design of CNC Systems

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