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Training Modules Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Download
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Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a specialized and versatile form of Soft Automation and its applications cover many kinds, although it was initially developed to control the motion and operation of machine tools. Computer Numerical Control may be considered to be a means of operating a machine through the use of discrete numerical values fed into the machine, where the required 'input' technical information is stored on a kind of input media such as floppy disk, hard disk, CD ROM, DVD, USB flash drive, or RAM card etc. The machine follows a predetermined sequence of machining operations at the predetermined speeds necessary to produce a workpiece of the right shape and size and thus according to completely predictable results. A different product can be produced through reprogramming and a low-quantity production run of different products is justified.

Objectives: 9 To understand the working principle and applications of CNC machines. 9 To be able to prepare CNC part programmes for machining 2-D workpieces. 9 To understand the structure and flow of a CAM system. Content: Chapter 1 Numerical Control Fundamentals Chapter 2 CNC Part Programming Chapter 3 Computer Aided Manufacturing
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