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Spray autoignition was investigated using video, in-cylinder pressure, and schlieren recordings. Pseudo three-dimensional visualisation of the autoignition was achieved by simultaneous use of two high-speed video cameras at right angles to each other. The effects of elevated injection and in-cylinder pressures on the ignition delay and ignition sites have been investigated.

The effects of in-cylinder and injection pressures on the formation and autoignition of diesel sprays at realistic automotive in-cylinder conditions was investigated. A two-stroke diesel Proteus engine has been modified to allow optical access for visualisation of in-cylinder combustion processes. Various optical techniques were used to investigate the combustion processes. These include high-speed video recording of the liquid phase, high-speed schlieren video recording of the vapour phase and laser-induced incandescence for soot imaging. The spray cone angle and penetration with time data extracted from photographic and high-speed video studies are presented.
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