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[ pdf ] Design and Control Strategies of PV-Diesel Systems Using Genetic Algorithms

Design and Control Strategies of PV-Diesel Systems Using Genetic Algorithms Download
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Hybrid photovoltaic systems (PV-hybrid) use photovoltaic energy combined with other sources of energy, like wind or Diesel. If these hybrid systems are optimally designed, they can be more cost effective and reliable than PV-only systems. However, the design of hybrid systems is complex because of the uncertain renewable energy supplies, load demands and the non-linear characteristics of some components, so the design problem cannot be solved easily by classical optimisation methods. When these methods are not capable of solving the problem satisfactorily, the use of heuristic techniques, such as the genetic algorithms, can give better results. The authors have developed the HOGA program (Hybrid Optimisation by Genetic Algorithms), a program that uses a Genetic Algorithm (GA) to design a PV-Diesel system (sizing and operation control of a PV-Diesel system). The program has been developed in C++.

In this paper a PV-Diesel system optimised by HOGA is compared with a stand-alone PVonly system that has been dimensioned using a classical design method based on the available energy under worst-case conditions. In both cases the demand and the solar irradiation are the same. The computational results show the economical advantages of the PV-hybrid system. HOGA is also compared with a commercial program for optimisation of hybrid systems. Furthermore, we show a number of results and conclusions about hybrid systems optimised by HOGA. Keywords: Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems, Genetic Algorithms.
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    "Design and Control Strategies of PV-Diesel Systems Using Genetic Algorithms"



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