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Over the past few years electrochemical capacitors (ECs) or, as they are so often referred to today, super- or ultracapacitors, have become increasingly interesting for a certain critical group of applications because of their unique attributes. The first of these EC attributes is exceptional power performance, even at very low temperatures. The second is an essentially unlimited cycle life when compared to batteries. And the third is that, once installed, ECs are completely maintenance free. These latter two attributes contrast markedly with those of batteries. An application that has generated much interest in capacitors because of these attributes is the starting of internal combustion engines.

This document outlines the common rationale for developing engine cranking standards. Results were presented in the form of a draft standard for capacitors used to crank internal combustion engines. Due to its exceptional power performance, capacitor technology can and therefore must deliver an immediate engine start to be competitive with alternative power sources. Second-try cranks should be part of the design at the lowest temperatures to help make capacitor costs acceptable--the ability to rapidly recharge the capacitor for a second crank is one of the most attractive features of a capacitor cranking source. 1t can deliver comparable or even higher power cranks with each subsequent attempt. Peak Power and Cranking Power are key standards.
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