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How Diesel Engines Work Diesel Engines vs. Gasoline Engines In theory, diesel engines and gasoline engines are quite similar. They are both internal combustion engines designed to convert the chemical energy available in fuel into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy moves pistons up and down inside cylinders. The pistons are connected to a crankshaft, and the up- and-down motion of the pistons, known as linear moti on, creates the rotary motion needed to turn the wheels of a car forward. Both diesel engines and gasoline engines covert fuel in to energy through a series of small explosions or combustion. The major difference between diesel and gasoline is the way these explosions happen. In a gasoline engine, fuel is mixed with air, compressed by pistons and ignited by sparks from spark plugs. In a diesel engine, however, the air is compressed first, and then the fuel is injected.Because air heats up when it's compressed, the fuel ignites

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