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Faster, better, and cheaper is the name of the game for machine and device designers. Demands for higher performance and increasingly efficient machines designed in a shorter amount of time with smaller design teams are challenging machine designers to improve their design processes. The Aberdeen Group identified these top machine design challenges after interviewing engineering managers and designers from 160 machine design companies in January 2008 (see Table 1). The study also discovered that to meet these challenges, successful companies follow the mechatronics design approach they increase integration between mechanical, electrical, control, and embedded programming design processes. This machine design guide examines the best practices and tools that successful machine designers use to make different design trade-offs, meet design challenges, and increase profit.

With this guide, learn step-by-step best practices for the machine design process, starting from understanding customer requirements and conceptualizing design ideas in chapter 1 to following the mechatronics-integrated design approach, lowering design risk, and increasing machine productivity in chapters 2 through 4. Throughout the guide, in-depth application examples illustrate the approaches successful designers implement. Finally, use in-depth tutorials referenced in the chapters to take the next step and incorporate the recommended best practices.
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