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DOE-HDBK-1017/2-93. JANUARY 1993. DOE FUNDAMENTALS HANDBOOK. MATERIAL SCIENCE. Volume 2 of 2. U.S. Department of Energy. FSC-6910. Washington, D.C. 20585

Volume 2 of 2 Module 3 - Thermal Shock Contains material relating to thermal stress and thermal shock effects on a system. Explains how thermal stress and shock combined with pressure can cause major damage to components. Module 4 - Brittle Fracture Contains material on ductile and brittle fracture. These two fractures are the most common in nuclear facilities. Explains how ductile and brittle fracture are effected by the minimum pressurization and temperature curves. Explains the reason why heatup and cooldown rate limits are used when heating up or cooling down the reactor system. Module 5 - Plant Materials Contains information on the commonly used materials and the characteristics desired when selecting material for use.
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