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A Life Cycle Cost Calculation and Management System for Machine Tools, Abstract A life cycle cost calculation and management program for machine tools is presented here. Its aims are: to provide life cycle cost data prediction at the offer phase and to support design phase decisions by managing real machine tool behaviour data. The system is being tested in various types of machine tools such as machining centres, transfer lines and grinding machines. It comprises four main areas : cost model design, cost concept and basic data definition, product model design and instance cost calculation. It also allows for generating customer defined outputs in various formats and integration with commercial reliability analysis packages

In this paper a life cycle cost calculation and management program for machine tools was presented. The program allows for the calculation of machine tool life cycle costs as well as managing machine RAM data. Further work should be developed in improving the configurability of the program and the management of different sets of RAM data along the life cycle of machines. Within the mentioned PROLIMA project, the idea is to integrate the package with an environmental impact assessing program to assist the machine tool design phase.
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