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[ pdf ] Machining Data Handbook 3rd Edition Volume Two

Machining Data Handbook 3rd Edition Volume Two Download
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This handbook was compiled by the Technical Staff of the Machinability Data Center A DoD Information Analysis Center Sponsored by the Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center, to help engineers and professional in corresponding fields get the accurate datas on machining processes.

* Gear Cutting and Gear Grinding Operations o Gear Hobbing o Gear Cutting, Straight and Spiral Bevel o Gear Shaping o Gear Shaving o Gear Grinding Form * Grinding Operations o Surface Grinding-Horizontal Spindle Reciprocating Table o Surface Grinding-Horizontal Spindle Reciprocating Table-Cubic Boron Nitride Wheels o Surface Grinding-Horizontal Spindle Reciprocating Table-Diamond wheels o Surface Grinding-Vertical Spindle Rotary Table o Cylindrical Grinding o Cylindrical Grinding-Cubic Boron Nitride Wheels o Cylindrical Grinding-Diamond Wheels o Internal Grinding o Internal Grinding-Cubic Boron Nitride Wheels o Internal Grinding-Diamond Wheels o Internal Grinding o Internal Grinding-Cubic Boron Nitride Wheels o Internal Grinding-Diamond Wheels o Centerless Grinding o Centerless Grinding-Work Traverse Rates o Abrasive Belt Grinding o Thread Grinding * Introduction to Nontraditional Machining * Mechanical Nontraditional Machining Operations o Abrasive Flow Machining-AFM o Abrasive Jet Machining-AJM o Hydrodynamic Machining-HDM o Low Stress Grinding-LSG o Thermally Assisted Machining-TAM o Total Form Machining-TFM o Ultrasonic Machining-USM o Water Jet Machining-WJM * Electrical Nontraditional Machining Operations o Electrochemical Deburring-ECD o Electrochemical Discharge Grinding-ECGD o Electrochemical Grinding-ECG o Electrochemical Honing-ECH o Electrochemical Machining-ECM o Electrochemical Polishing-ECP o Electrochemical Sharpening-ECS o Electrochemical Turning-ECT o Electro-Stream-ES o Shaped Tube Electrolytic Machining-STEM * Thermal Nontraditional Machining Operations o Electron Beam Machining-EBM o Electrical Discharge Grinding-EDG o Electrical Discharge Machining-EDM o Electrical Discharge Sawing-EDS o Electrical Discharge Wire Cutting-EDWC o Laser Beam Machining-LBM o Laser Beam Torch-LBT o Plasma Beam Machining-PBM * Chemical Nontraditional Machining Operations o Chemical Machining-CHM o Electropolishing-ELP o Photochemical Machining-PCM o Thermochemical Machining-TCM * Tool Materials o General Guidelines for Selection of Tool Materials o High Speed Steels-HSS o Cast Alloys o Carbides o Micrograin Carbides o Coated Carbides o Ceramic Tool Materials o Diamond Tools * Tool Geometry o Turning and Boring Tools, Single Poins o Threading Tools, Single Point o Die Threading Tools, Thread Chasers o Face Mills o Side and Slot Mills-Arbor Mounted o End Mills-Peripherals and Slotting, HSS o Drills, High Speed Steel Twist o Oil-Hole or Pressurized-Coolant Drills, HSS o Spade Drills, High Speed Steel o Gun Drills, Carbide o Reamers, High Speed Steel o reamers, Carbide o Taps, HSS o Planing Tools o Broaches, HSS o Tool and Cutter Angles-Approximate Equivalents * Cutting Fluids o Cutting Fluid Selection and Use o Cutting Fluid Recommendations o Cutting Fluid Key * Power and Force Requirements o Determining Forces in Machining o Determining Power Requirements in Machining o Estimating Forces in Turning o Estimating Torque and Thrust in Drilling * Surface Technology o Introduction to Surface Technology o Surface tecture o Surface Integrity * Machining Guidelines * General Machining Guidelines o Guidelines for Drilling o Tool Life o Types of Machinability Data * Grinding and Abrasive Machining o Grinding Wheels o Grinding Guidelines o Surface Roughness and Tolerance o Grinding Formulas and Charts o Abrasive Machining * Economics in Machining and Grinding * Machine Chatter and Vibration * Numerical Control Machining o NC Machining Guidelines o NC Vocabulary * Computer Aided Manufacturing Technologies * Machining Standards o Machining Standards by Subject o Alphabetical List of Machining Standards o Sources of Machining Standards * Materials Index o Numerical List of Materials o Alphabetical List of Materials o Chemical Composition by Material Group * Glossary * Subject Index
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