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Power and efficiency limits for internal combustion engines via methods of finite-time thermodynamics, I. INTRODUCTION “In selecting an idealized process one is always faced with the fact that the simpler the assumptions, the easier the analysis, but the farther the result from reality” (Ref. 1, p. 23). The more assumptions we make, the farther we are likely to be from reality. On the other hand, detailed, realistic models for internal combustion engines are difficult and expensive to compute and analyze.2 If we are interested in maximum power output or in maximum efficiency of internal combustion engines two ways of approaching the problem are possible. We could incorporate the major loss terms such as friction loss, heat leak, and incomplete combustion in a simple model based on airstandard cycle with rate-dependent loss mechanisms. Then using optimal control theory we can compute the piston trajectory which yields maximum power output. This approach has been realized in Refs. 3 and 4 and it is an application of the methods of finite-time thermodynamics. Another approach is to use a more detailed, “realistic” model and try only to fmd approximate upper limits for possible performance rather than to determine directly the optimum trajectory which yields the best performance. This approach has been realized in Ref. 5 and it is also an application of the methods of finite-time thermodynamics.

Theoretical results of this paper may be useful in two different ways. First, it is more realistic to compare power and efficiency of real engines to ( 14) than to air-standard cycle efficiency. Second, it may be a stimulus for research in thefield of constructing highly efficient nonconventional internal combustion engines with heating systems instead of cooling systems.
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