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[ pdf ] Tutorial Materials for Compressible Flow and Turbomachinery

Tutorial Materials for Compressible Flow and Turbomachinery Download
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What is a thermodynamic property? What is the di erence between an intensive and an extensive property?

Tutorial One: Thermodynamics Review 1 Solutions to Thermodynamics Review 4 Tutorial Two: Isentropic Flow I 10 Solutions to Isentropic Flow I 14 Tutorial Three: Isentropic Flow II 24 Solutions to Isentropic Flow II 28 Tutorial Four: Normal Shock 40 Solutions to Normal Shock 44 Tutorial Five: Fanno Flow 60 Solutions to Fanno Flow 66 Tutorial Six: Rayleigh Flow 86 Solutions to Rayleigh Flow 90 Tutorial Seven: Angular Momentum Principle 105 Solutions to Angular Momentum Principle 109 Tutorial Eight: Turbomachinery 123 Solutions to Turbomachinery 127
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