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[ pdf ] Prime Focus Imaging Spectrograph Mechanical Design Overview

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This document describes the mechanical design rationale and summarizes the results of the Preliminary Design for the SALT PFIS instrument.

2.2 Design Goals and Methodology The following goals guide the PFIS mechanical design The structure will be able to carry a NIR beam with mass properties equivalent to the visible beam Image motion at the detector due to flexure and thermal effects is to be less than 0.1 arcsec/ hour parallel to the dispersion, and less than 0.15 arcsec/ hour perpendicular to the dispersion during an observation. 0.1 arcsec corresponds to 12 microns, or one-third the camera resolution in the dispersion direction. Regular access is to be limited to no more than once/ week. Configuration of the instrument is to require no more than 5 minutes.
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