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[ pdf ] The Machinist Handbook for Precision Machining and Equipment Maintenance

The Machinist Handbook for Precision Machining and Equipment Maintenance Download
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Besides the details of the mechanisms illustrated by more than 175 figures, due care has been taken to indicate the maintenance aspects of all such systems, assemblies and major components. Mathematical formulae and equations have been provided along with technical data in more than thirty tables which can be used by the designers and application and maintenance engineers for verification purposes. This has made this book useful not only for students of industrial machines but also for the machinists, technologists and practicing engineers in the field of design, manufacturing and maintenance.

Properly applied ball screw components change very little during its operating life. As a result there is no need for adjustment. Here are a few maintenance trips to be followed for the best performance.
a) Lubrication: - Machine tool ball screws must be properly lubricated at all times. Either a good quality oil P.S. turbine oil of 38 to 90Cst is recommended or lithium soap based grease is preferred. Never use grease that contains graphite. It can built up within the nut and reduce internal clearance.
b) Dirt protection:-In an environment which can involve dirt or foreign substances, it is necessary to hermetically seal the ball screw with a bellows or cover. A labyrinth seal can protect the nut only if there is no foreign substance expert dirt in the surrounding. The easiest way to clean a ball screw is to flush it with clean oil during operation.
c) Preventive care: - Common problems and their and their solutions are listed below for better preventive care of ball screws.
i) The cause of jamming is a “Key stoning" effect where one ball enters the return path improperly.
ii) System inaccuracy and non-repeatability may be due to faulty assembly if growling or rambling noise is heard. If no noise, the problem may be in loose end bearings on the ball screw or in the control system.
iii) Excessive drive torque may be due to faulty assembling of nut to screw ball nut to the machine to enable it to take its own alignment.
iv) If backlash isolate the cause whether it is there due to loose end bearings or wear in the nut.
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