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Read this chapter if you would like to have the following questions addressed: Is there a generic structure that can be applied to a thesis? What are the mechanisms for constructing a logical flow of arguments throughout a thesis? What are the semantics of a thesis and what can be done to ensure that the final dissertation reads as a systematic and integrated whole?

In the preceding chapter, it was noted that a thesis or dissertation is composed of two ingredients - body and soul. The body of the thesis is contained within the text and the soul is contained within the sub-text. However, in the preceding chapter, the primary emphasis was upon the soul of the thesis. In this chapter, the emphasis is upon the body. Although a thesis has both body and soul, its primary function is as a document which demonstrates a learning of the "business of research" - as such, a thesis is not necessarily intended to be a work of art but, if both functions can be achieved, then so much the better. A thesis can be structured in any number of ways and still achieve the desired end results. In this text, however, the emphasis is on only one particular form of thesis structure, which is based upon the division of the research documentation into seven chapters. The approach put forward here is not presented as a definitive one and nor is it suggested that it is better than any number of other approaches. However, the approach adopted here is both comprehensive and systematic and should, at the very least, produce a well-structured document.
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