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[ pdf ] Brayton Cycle: The Ideal Cycle for Gas-Turbine Engines

Brayton Cycle: The Ideal Cycle for Gas-Turbine Engines Download
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Power generation is an important issue today, especially on the West Coast. Demand is outweighing supply because of lack of incentives for the utilities industry to build additional power plants over the past 10-20 years. Electrical innovations (such as the personal computer) were not accounted for in earlier predictions of power utilization and, now, the country is in dire need of streamlining the current power plants while pushing through as many applications as possible for new power plants. In response to this situation, power generation engineers will be in high demand. These engineers must have a thorough understanding of thermodynamics and, in particular, the Brayton cycle.

Comparison of the actual Brayton cycle presented in the textbook versus the actual power plant figures from the Tracy power plant can be examined to provide an idea of what “real-world” answers entail. In comparing the standard textbook for thermodynamics with the interview conducted with Brian Lawson, the conclusion is that while the Brayton cycle is the backbone of power generations calculations, there is a lot more involved than what is presented in the standard textbooks. The textbooks tend to idealize the calculations and only vaguely account for physical actualities. While the interview was not exhaustive, it should provide a basic understanding of actualities not given in textbooks. As power generation is a major component in today’s society, the need for a deeper understanding of power generation becomes imperative in fields of both generation and utilization.
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