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[ pdf ] Changing Gas Turbine Design Requirements

Changing Gas Turbine Design Requirements Download
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As an illustration of the new relationships emerging between gas turbine designers and ... The owners and managers of each of these plants face different ... In the new evolving competitive business environment the price of electricity will be ... The plant staff must be careful during startups to avoid blade

Changes in the basic economic framework of power generation in many countries around the world, fostered by increasing competitive pressures, are altering the decision making criteria traditionally used by power generators. This has created incentives for increased cooperation between power producers and equipment manufacturers. The most successful manufacturers, in this authorís opinion, instead of using a one-design-fits-all approach, will take aggressive steps to understand and quantify their customerís priorities and values and incorporate them into a range of designs, each one optimal from the ownerís perspective, in order to help meet the requirements of a changing business environment.
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