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BASIC POWER PLANTS: There are many types of power generating power plants. The basic features of the three most common types are described below. The steam plant, the simple cycle peaking units and the combined cycle power plants basic features are described below. After the basic features are described, much time will be spent on the combined cycle plant and the components that make up such a power generation facility.

There are two major categories of combined cycle systems: 1 Oil or natural gas fired systems for power generation. 2 Combined cycle cogeneration systems and coal or oil fired integrated gasification combined cycle (IGGG) power generation systems. 2 There are many configurations for combined cycle systems. A significant portion of the systems contain an electrically controlled diverter damper, seal air fans, position indicators, and some type of control systems that integrates these components. It is the intent of this project to describe one such system that the author helped design, install, verify, and commission. The duration of the project, located in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States, was over 24 months in duration. The construction phase was in two parts. The first phase consisted of installation of three 100 MW rated turbines, ancillary equipment and commissioning of simple cycle operation while the HRSGs were being completed. This was completed in a relatively short period of approximately twelve months. The commissioning of the combined cycle systems is happening as this paper is being prepared (May 2002).
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