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[ pdf ] Development of High Efficiency Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant

Development of High Efficiency Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant Download
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Methods of CO2 reduction to prevent global warming can be divided into two types: reduction of CO2 emissions and recovery of CO2. Over the last one or two years CO2 recovery has been studied for a combined system of hydrogen gas turbine combined cycle and EOR (enhanced oil recovery), where petroleum coke is gasified and the gas is shifted by reforming to CO2 and hydrogen. It is well-known that power plants are responsible for one third of the total CO2 emissions. Improving the heat efficiency of a power plant by introducing a high-efficiency gas turbine combined plant with an advanced gas turbine leads directly to the reduction of CO2 emissions, and is therefore an effective means of CO2 reduction. This paper reports the gas turbine combined cycle plant to reduce CO2 emissions, and describes its future prospects of high efficiency.

The reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) to prevent global warming has become a serious issue for power plants. Since power plants account for one third of the total CO2 emissions, improvements in their efficiency will greatly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This paper focuses on the gas turbine combined cycle power plant, and introduces the approaches for the improvement of its efficiency. Gas turbine combined cycle power plants mainly using MHI D, F and G-type gas turbines are currently in operation in large numbers, and there are many under construction or planned both in Japan and abroad. The development and introduction of this new technology responds to the need for the effective utilization of energy and countermeasures against global warming, thus contributing greatly to society. MHI is determined to continue ef forts to develop new technology as a pioneer company in this field.
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