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GE Gas Turbine Design Philosophy Download
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GER-3434D. GE Power Generation. GE Gas Turbine. Design Philosophy. D.E. Brandt. R.R. Wesorick. GE Industrial & Power Systems. Schenectady,

Several important design philosophies have enabled the GE family of heavy-duty gas turbines to achieve worldwide market leadership. These design philosophies have been important in achieving continuous advances in the state-ofthe- art gas turbine technology, and they will continue to guide technological developments. This paper will review the significance of certain GE design philosophies and development objectives for the flange-to-flange gas turbine. The major elements of this philosophy are the evolution of designs, use of geometric scaling, and thorough preproduction development. The evolution of designs has been highly successful, and this approach will continue to be the basis for further progress. One result of the evolutionary approach is a family of axial-flow compressors whose flow, pressure ratio, and efficiency have been improved in several discrete steps, while retaining the proven reliability of existing designs. The historical development of these compressors will be described. Another result of the evolutionary approach is the MS7001 turbine. It has been improved in performance through six models, the A, B, C, E, EA, F and FA.
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