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Gas Trubine Engine Design Course Handbook Download
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The turbine engines in the Army inventory are of the free power turbine design.

The turbine engines in the Army inventory are of the free power turbine design. In this engine, nearly two thirds of the energy produced by combustion is extracted by the gas producer turbine to drive the compressor rotor. The gas then exits the engine through the exhaust section to the atmosphere. Army helicopters use a divergent duct to eliminate the remaining thrust. Fulfilling the Army’s need for engines of simple design that are easy to operate and maintain, the gas turbine engine is used in all helicopters of Active Army and Reserve Components, and most of the fixed wing aircraft to include the Light Air Cushioned Vehicle (LACV). We designed this sub-course to teach you theory and principles of the gas turbine engine and some of the basic army aircraft gas turbine engines used in our aircraft today. The course lesson include: 1 Theory and Principles of Gas Turbine Engines, 2 Major Engine Sections, 3 Systems and Accessories, 4 Testing, Inspection, Maintenance, and Storage Procedures, 5 Lycoming T53, 6 Lycoming T55, 7 Solar T62 Auxiliary Power Unit, Examination. Introduction to Gas turbine engines, theory of gas turbine engine, principles of operations, system and accessories, ignition system and engine instrumentation, testing, inspection maintenance and storage procedures, major engine system, general electric. This course handbook available free to download in pdf format consists of 477 pages
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