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The report describes the development of a global model of a simple gas turbine in order to simulate the dynamic behaviour. The Modelica language is used for the creation of the model. The model is based on the evaporative gas turbine located in the Department of Heat and Power Engineering in Lund. This turbine was run as a conventional turbine before including the heat exchanger and the evaporative tower. The model can be split up in three main parts: the compressor, the combustion chamber and the expander. These three models are based on the equations obtained from thermodynamic literature. Furthermore, information provided by the manufacturer was used for the implementation of the compressor and the expander models. Hence, the thesis is focused first on creating a model of a simple gas turbine by using as many components of the ThermoFlow library as possible and second on extending the library with reusable models for turbines and compressors. Since the model involves mechanical parts, components of the rotational sub-library are used for the task.

1. INTRODUCTION .7 1.1 BACKGROUND 7 1.2 OBJECTIVES 8 1.3 WHY A DYNAMIC MODEL?8 1.4 PHASES OF THE PROJECT .9 2. GAS TURBINES11 2.1 BASIC DESCRIPTION11 2.2 EVAPORATIVE GAS TURBINE13 3. MODELICA LANGUAGE.15 3.1 INTRODUCTION.15 3.2 CHARACTERISTICS OF OBJECT-ORIENTED MODELING15 3.3 NON-CAUSAL MODELING.16 4. THERMOFLOW LIBRARY17 4.1 INTRODUCTION.17 4.2 BASIC DESIGN IDEAS 18 Control Volumes19 Flow Models 20 Medium Models.21 State variable transformation 22 4.3 SEQUENCE OF CALCULATION IN A DYNAMIC SIMULATION24 5.COMPRESSOR26 5.1 INTRODUCTION.26 5.2 GOVERNING EQUATIONS .27 5.3 USE OF THE COMPRESSOR MAP.33 5.4 COMPRESSOR MODEL IN MODELICA.40 CorrectedMass1 40 CorrectedMass2 40 P_maxeff 40 Maxeff.40 Efficiency .40 CompressorMap 41 IsentropicVariables 41 FlowModelBaseMD .41 PolytropicEfficiency .42 Compressor42 CompressorMec.42 CompleteCompressor43 6.TURBINE.44 6.1 GOVERNING EQUATIONS .44 6.2 TURBINE MAP .47 6.3 TURBINE MODEL IN MODELICA 49 FlowModelBaseDM .49 IsentropicVariables 49 PolytropicEfficiency .49 Turbine.50 TurbineMec50 CompleteTurbine.51 4 7.COMBUSTION CHAMBER.52 7.1 INTRODUCTION.52 Mass balance .53 Energy Balance .55 7.3 COMBUSTION CHAMBER MODEL IN MODELICA .58 MassBalance58 Valve.58 NaturalGasResS_pTX 58 ThreePort .59 CombustionChamber .59 8. TESTING MODELS OF THE TURBINE .60 8.1 SYSTEM MODEL WITH HYDRAULIC BRAKE.60 8.2 SYSTEM MODEL WITH SPEED CONTROLLER62 9.SIMULATION RESULTS .63 9.1 SIMULATION IN THE MODEL WITH HYDRAULIC BRAKE63 9.2 SIMULATION OF THE MODEL WITH SPEED CONTROLLER.72 10. CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE WORK75 10.1 CONCLUSIONS 75 10.2 FUTURE WORK75
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    I think it helps for further modeling works in CHP plant simulation

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