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Like so many electronic test and measurement tools, a logic analyzer is a solution to a particular class of problems. It is a versatile tool that can help you with digital hardware debug, design verification and embedded soft-ware debug. The logic analyzer is an indispensable digital design tool that engineers use with digital circuits. Logic analyzers are used for digital measurements involving numerous sig-nals or challenging trigger requirements. In this document, you will learn about logic analyzers and how they work. In this introduction to logic analyzers, we will first look at the digital oscillo-scope and the resulting evolution of the logic analyzer. Then you will be shown what comprises a basic logic analyzer. With this basic knowledge you’ll then learn what capabilities of a logic analyzer are important and why they play a major part in choosing the correct tool for your particular application. Introduction

Introduction · 1 Where It All Began 1 The Digital Oscilloscope 1 The Logic Analyzer 3 Logic Analyzer Architecture and Operation · 5 Probe 5 Setup (Clock Mode and Triggering) · 6 Tips for Clock Mode · 7 Triggering 7 Acquisition: Real-time Acquisition Memory 8 Analysis and Display · 10 Synchronous Acquisition and State Analysis 11 Simultaneous State and Timing 12 Processor Support · 14 Summary 15 Resources · 16 Application Notes: 16 Primers: · 16 For additional information: · 16
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