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A means of visualising the products of the high-energy electron impacts with the sample. Electron microscopes maybe divided into two basic types: 1.

In this experiment you are to read and complete the exercises and problems in this text, and then undertake two 4 hour practical sessions in the Electron Microscope Unit (EMU) in the Madsen Building. It is strongly recommended that you read this text and complete the exercises BEFORE you attend the practical EMU sessions. You will have a much better appreciation of the practical sessions if you understand the physics behind them. At various points in the text, checkpoints are indicated. Checkpoints 3 and 4 will be awarded by EMU sta to indicate your participation in each of the practical sessions. Checkpoints 1 and 2 will be awarded by Physics Lab sta ONLY. Please do not ask the EMU sta to award checkpoints 1 or 2. Please write/draw/attach all of your work into your 3rd yr lab. logbook. Please bring your lab logbook to the EMU sessions and put your own notes and comments into your logbook during the sessions.
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