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The need for multiphase flow measurement in the oil and gas production industry has been evident for many years. A number of such meters have been developed during the last few years by research organisations, meter manufacturers, oil & gas production companies and others.

This document is intended to serve as a guide for users and manufacturers of multiphase flow meters. Its purpose is to provide a common basis for, and assistance in, the classification of applications and meters, as well as guidance and recommendations for the use of such meters. The document may also serve as an introduction to newcomers in the field of multiphase flow measurement, with definition of terms and description of multiphase flow in closed conduits being included. The primary focus is on in-line meters for direct measurement of true multiphase flow of oil, gas and water. Even if the individual flow rates of each constituent are of primary interest, fractions of oil, gas and water are sometimes useful as operational parameters. Other meters, e.g. separation meters and model/calculation type "meters", do not fall within the scope of this document, and are only briefly discussed. Other constituents than oil, gas and water are not dealt with. The performance of a multiphase meter in terms of accuracy, repeatability, range, etc. is of great importance, as is the userís ability to compare different meters in these respects. One section covers this issue, and proposes standard ways of how performance can be described. Related to performance are the testing and qualification of the meters, which are also covered. Guidance is provided to help optimise the outcome of such activities. Since meters are in-line, flow rates are measured at process operating conditions. Conversion of flow rates to standard conditions, which involves multiphase sampling, knowledge of composition and mass transfer between phases at fluctuating pressures and temperatures, is only briefly dealt with here.
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