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[ pdf ] An Overview of Measurements Methods and Calculations Used in Combustion Analysis

An Overview of Measurements Methods and Calculations   Used in Combustion Analysis Download
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Combustion occurs when fossil fuels, such as natural gas, fuel oil, coal or gasoline, react with oxygen in the air to produce heat. The heat from burning fossil fuels is used for industrial processes, environmental heating or to expand gases in a cylinder and push a piston. Boilers, furnaces and engines are important users of fossil fuels.

Combustion analysis is part of a process intended to improve fuel economy, reduce undesirable exhaust emissions and improve the safety of fuel burning equipment. Combustion analysis begins with the measurement of flue gas concentrations and gas temperature, and may include the measurement of draft pressure and soot level. To measure gas concentration, a probe is inserted into the exhaust flue and a gas sample drawn out. Exhaust gas temperature is measured using a thermocouple positioned to measure the highest exhaust gas temperature. Soot is measured from a gas sample drawn off the exhaust flue. Draft is the differential pressure between the inside and outside of the exhaust flue. Once these measurements are made, the data is interpreted using calculated combustion parameters such as combustion efficiency and excess air. A more in depth analysis will examine the concentration of the undesirable products described earlier.
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    "An Overview of Measurements Methods and Calculations Used in Combustion Analysis"



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