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 pdf fileInfrared line cameras for industrial temperature measurement
mechanical scanners for one-dimensional beam deflection. Principle disadvantages of these line ..... This basic camera system was also used for IR-2D camera ...

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 pdf filePracticalApplicationsof Pyrometers
1 .1 Introduction When describingdifferent types of pyrometers in Chapters9 and 10 itwas assumed that theyoperatein idealconditions.Pyrometerreadings,which aremeasurementsof thetrue targettemperature,Tt, are stronglyinfluencedby real,practical,industrialoperating conditionsas shown ina simplifiedway inFigure11.1.These measurements,which must accountfortargetemissivity, E (Tt)or E,L (T), intheenvironmentofthesurroundingwalls of temperature,Tom with emissivity, or,sxw (TW ),are taken in thepresenceof pollutedatmosphereoftemperature,Ta,havingtheequivalentemissivity, and an absorptioncoefficient,aa(T a).

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