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mechanical scanners for one-dimensional beam deflection. Principle disadvantages of these line ..... This basic camera system was also used for IR-2D camera ...

Temperature measurement plays an important role in many industrial-processing applications. Of particular importance is the frequent need for non-contact measurements and data to be presented in the form of a two-dimensional image. Since most industrial production processes will involve the movement of objects in one direction at a known speed, one-dimensional array cameras can be used to produce such images by repetitive, high-speed scanning, thereby avoiding the considerably higher costs associated with cameras based upon two-dimensional sensor arrays. Many IR-line cameras are available which utilize cooled, IR-semiconductor detectors and optomechanical scanners for one-dimensional beam deflection. Principle disadvantages of these line scanners brought about modern IR-line cameras using linear arrays that do not need opto-mechanical scanners. In contrast to line scanners where the circular measurement area is linearly moved over the measured object by the scanner, linear arrays can record the temperature distribution in multiple points on one line of the object simultaneously. More advantages occur through operation of uncooled IRarrays. In the following chapter, IR-line cameras based on linear arrays will be described. These cameras were specifically developed to satisfy the demands of industrial-process measurements, which often include the need for continuous operation in harsh environments. In such applications, high reliability, long-time stability and, most significantly, an optimal price-performance ratio play important role
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