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Upon completion of Sensors you should be able to: Describe advantages, disadvantages, and applications of limit switches, photoelectric sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, and ultrasonic sensors Describe design and operating principles of mechanical limit switches

Table of Contents Introduction . 2 Sensors . 4 Limit Switches . 8 International Limit Switches 18 North American Limit Switches . 22 BERO Sensors . 27 Inductive Proximity Sensors Theory of Operation 28 Inductive Proximity Sensor Family . 40 Capacitive Proximity Sensors Theory of Operation 54 Capacitive Proximity Sensor Family . 57 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors Theory of Operation . 59 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor Family . 68 Photoelectric Sensors Theory of Operation 80 Photoelectric Family of Sensors 93 Sensor Applications . 99 Review Answers 107 Final Exam . 108
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