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[ pdf ] Guide to Oil and Gas Production Measurement From Wellhead to Pipeline

Guide to Oil and Gas  Production Measurement From Wellhead to Pipeline Download
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Produced wellhead fluids such as crude oil, natural gas, and brine must be processed before sale, transport, reinjection, or disposal. Oil and gas production involves a number of surface unit operations between wellhead and the point of custody transfer. Collectively these operations are called “field processing”. Field processing of crude oil for storage, transportation, and sale involves three process objectives: • Separating the crude oil from any entrained solids, mulsified water, or brine • Stabilizing the crude oil by removing dissolved gas so that it is safe to be transported and stored • Removing impurities and any separated or free gas from the crude oil to meet sales/transport or reinjection specifications

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    "Guide to Oil and Gas Production Measurement From Wellhead to Pipeline "



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